This application is the entrance to the GIS application. As a portal, this application can be used to display important and actual information related to hydro-oceanographic data in Indonesia, such as survey data, research, marine mapping, publications, application of the marine environment and navigation navigation safety for both the military and the public. For the benefit of safe navigation navigation, Pushidrosal has sole authority and legality in the field of hydrography in preparing and providing hydro-oceanographic data and information in the form of sea maps (paper maps and electronic navigation maps) and nautical books. Pushidrosal was established as a National Hydrographic Agency based on Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 23 of 1951 on March 31, 1951 (PP RI No. 23/1951) and Presidential Decree of the Republic of Indonesia Number 164 of 1960 on July 14, 1960 (Presidential Decree No. 164/1960) functions as the Military Hydrographic Institute and the Indonesian National Hydrographic Agency.

Law of the Republic of Indonesia number 4 of 2011 concerning Geospatial Information (IG) has been regulated regarding policy formulation, decision making, and / or implementation of activities related to earth space. IG is very useful as a decision support system in order to optimize development in the economic, social, cultural, and national resilience sectors, especially in natural resource management, preparation of spatial plans, investment location planning and economic business, determination of boundaries, land, and tourism. IG is also an indispensable information in disaster management, environmental preservation, and defense and security.

IHO C-17 Publication on Spatial Data Infrastructures For The Marine Dimension: Guidance For Hydrographic Offices, edition 1.1.0 February 2011, IHB, Monaco, 2011. This IHO publication serves as a guideline for the hydrographic office to develop Marine Spatial Data Infrastructures which is directed to be able to support the enhancement of its functional capabilities in integrated marine space metadata management and to make it effective and streamline the function of hydrographic office services to support its users.

Pushidrosal as a Military Hydrographic Institute, is responsible for able to provide accurate and up-to-date Hydro-oceanographic data and information as basic data to be used as material for national defense strategy analysis. Whereas as the Indonesian National Hydrographic Institute, Pushidrosal has the responsibility to guarantee the safety of navigation navigation in all territorial waters of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.